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Here you will find legitimate reviews of each of my books, the good and the bad. I have not simply filtered out the bad ones!
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Reviews of Skies of Destruction

  • Nail biting thriller that left me on the edge of my seat turning the pages. Can't wait for part 2! - Sarah

  • Well written, thought provoking story line. Can't wait for Cam's next book. - Martine

  • A brilliant break out story line, in a series I very much look forward to continuing in the next much anticipated installment. Plenty of twists and turns, engaging characters, and solid groundwork layering ahead of the follow up book. Can’t wait. Worth a re-read as well as once the ‘dust settles’ in the narrative and the revelations are known, it changes your perspective of key scenes in a fresh and exciting way. Nice quick read that honestly kept me engaged until the very last page and beyond as I began to ponder ‘what comes next’. Thank you Cam for such a fresh and thrilling story. - Elise

  • A great read. The plot twists kept me wanting to read more to find out what was going to happen to the characters. Very enjoyable. - Leanne

  • What a fantastic thriller from a first time published author! Skies of Destruction has twists, turns, humor and character investment that'll have you turning the pages faster than a bank bill counter. What a great read. - Rob

  • A very easy fast reading can’t put down book. As an action book this is definitely worth picking up. Looking forward to the next book already. - Mark

  • WOW. What a book! It had me physically sitting at the edge of my seat, invested on what was coming next. I cried, laughed and jumped. If you are looking for a book to satisfy those conspiracy theories and much more then this is the book! Great job Cam! - Leyu

  • Outstanding first novel from an exciting new author. If you like your story full of twists and turns, thrills and spills then be sure to give Skies of Destruction a read. You won’t be disappointed. - Gerry

  • Such a great story! Loved every second! Gripped me from the start and didn’t let go. I can’t wait to read what Cam Shaw comes up with next!! - Vicky

  • I had trouble putting the book down. What a great read! I look forward to reading more from Cam Shaw. - Rob

  • Have just finished Skies of Destruction and saddened that I have. I read the book in three sessions and enjoyed the way the plot unfolded into a highly charged finale. Hurry up with book two Cam Shaw. - Norman

  • Fast, nail-biting action, a book that will REALLY get you turning the pages fast, roller coaster ride of a book from start to finish, couldn't put it down. A BRILLIANT start to this Australian writers career. Can't wait for the sequel, so having a re-read of this book in the meantime. Well done Cameron. - Graeme

  • What a ripper! The on-edge feeling throughout the entire book, unable to put it down. I need more. Can’t wait for Part 2. Great book Cam! - Robyn

  • Fantastic and energetic storyline, had a great mix of industry fact and fiction. Was action-packed and seriously a hard book to put down, an amazing effort from a first time published author, can’t wait to see what comes next. Look out, Matthew Reilly!! - Mattie

  • Really enjoyed the first novel by Cam. It is a great easy read that I couldn't put down. The story has everything you need. Looking forward to others in the future. - Anon

  • An awesome story told by an inspired and wonderful author. Amazing read with great twists and turns. Need more. - Neil

  • This read took me on a suspenseful journey with twists and turns on every page. For a first time author, it was a fabulously written first book. I am very keen for #2. - Georgia

  • Fans of action, suspense, and espionage will be delighted with this compelling read. The pace is well-balanced between the slower introductory scenes, allowing the reader to delve deeper into Sol’s and Kate’s characters, and the fast-paced action scenes that spur the story on. Tension and excitement is well maintained, but it’s the human element that resonates most with this novel. Sol and Kate are torn apart, their principles challenged, their integrity tested as they are both confronted with external and internal conflict. We empathise, despair, and cry for them when they are wronged, and understand when they are forced to commit acts of atrocity. Like any good action story, we expect… well, action, and Cam Shaw’s debut novel doesn’t disappoint. There are fights, chases, explosions, guns, and planes falling out of the sky. What more could you want? The knowledge and research of aircraft maintenance is not only impressive, but brings an authentic touch to the story and the action. Overall, Skies of Destruction is a captivating story that will make your heart pound. - Cas


Reviews of Skies of Defiance

  • The second book in the Kate Barrett series and we are back with Kate trying to protect her family and defeat the White Cloud extremist group.

Cam is a unique story teller that holds your attention from start to finish, his easy to read style makes this a great book to lose yourself in. I must admit, once I started this book I couldn’t put it down.

This is an action / adventure novel that is fast paced and with twists that you just don’t see coming. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, then throws you in a different direction. A rollercoaster of action and suspense.


Highly recommend this book for anyone looking for action, adventure, conspiracy and suspense this book has it all, and the series is not even finished yet. Can’t wait to see where Cam takes us next… - Clare

  • Ahh! I was not ready for that ending! Another great book with plenty of unexpected twists and loveable characters. - Lisa

  • Jaw dropping. Another fantastic read in the Kate Barrett series, like the first book, Skies of Defiance will leave you turning pages in suspense. Without giving anything away, all I can say is "That ending! OMG!!!" - Sarah

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